Exchange students excited with FURISODE



Chuo University’s International Center organized an event at C Square of the Tama Campus on Nov. 20 to give exchange students an opportunity to experience wearing furisode, Japan’s traditional long-sleeved kimono.



The event was planned by the “kimono squad” led by Mrs. Chikako Katsura, the vice chair of Chuo’s Parents Liaison Association. She was assisted by 20 members of the squad’s “dressing team”. The venue brimmed with splendor as 15 girl students from nine countries lined up, clad in colorful furisode.



The students looked quite nervous at first but soon began enjoying talking with Mrs. Katsura and her assistants who helped them choose their hair style and accessories fit for their furisode. They looked nice in furisode in part because Mrs. Katsura had chosen the wear for each of them after having a close look at their portraits beforehand.



The girls, fully dressed up, looked harder to walk around but were all smiles, taking pictures of each other, looking themselves in a mirror and enjoying their first experience of wearing the traditional Japanese attire. After a group photo session, they all looked sad and were reluctant to change their clothes.



Toward the end of the event, one of the students said excitedly, “Next time, I want to have a geisha experience.” Many others said they now have a deeper interest in Japanese culture. The International Center hosted this kind of event for the first time. It found it successful in that it made the exchange students’ dream come true and helped them deepen their interested in Japanese culture. Let us hope that they will have more chances to learn about Japan.



 (Written by: Natsumi Nakano)