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Shingo Tomonaga, leader of Chuo University Flash Mob




Tomonaga talks about his latest activity at Chuo Flash Mob
Tomonaga talks about his latest activity at Chuo Flash Mob

 You can find a YouTube footage featuring a flash mob performance by college students that has been reproduced no less than 40,000 times. In the footage titled “Proposal Flash Mob at Yamashita Park in Yokohama”, more than 50 student performers appear all of a sudden and start dancing and singing merrily to congratulate a young man who makes a marriage proposal to his partner. The video was posted by Chuo University Flash Mob. This is one of the school’s newest student circles founded in 2014. Hakumon Herald interviewed Shingo Tomonaga, a third grader of the Faculty of Economics, who heads the club.



-Tell us why you began to perform flash mobs.



Tomonaga: I love to entertain friends, family members, junior and senior members of my circle and see them smile. One day, I happened to see a flash mob performance on TV. Watching it, I thought, “This will give me a chance to amuse more people and make them happier. Why not do it?” I had talked with some of my friends before about the idea of establishing a flash mob circle together. Later on, I made a proposition to them. They accepted it and we started Chuo University Flash Mob.

朝長 私は友人、家族、サークルの先輩、後輩の笑顔を見る、楽しませることが大好きです。ある日、テレビで偶然フラッシュモブのパフォーマンスを見て、「これならより多くの人々を幸せにすることができる」と、思い立ちました。サークルを一緒に作ろうと前々から相談していた友人にフラッシュモブを提案し、中央大学フラッシュモブの活動が始まりました。

-What specifically does your club do?



TomonagaWe primarily sing and dance to celebrate what we define as "your special day" such as the birthday of a client's friend, a special anniversary of a couple or a marriage proposal. We’ve given about 20 performances since we founded our club.

朝長 依頼者の友人の誕生日、カップルの特別な記念日やプロポーズなど私たちが「誰かの特別な日」と表現するイベントを歌と踊りで祝福することが主な活動です。中央大学フラッシュモブは結成以来、今までに20回程度のパフォーマンスをしました。


 -What do you think is the appeal of flash mob performances?



Tomonaga: I always feel elated when a couple thanks us with a big smile after we finish our performance. Some time ago, we were asked to perform for a marriage proposal. Right after we started dancing, a woman who would get a proposal looked too surprised to enjoy herself. But she gradually got relaxed and eventually smiled with joy. Our performance ended in a great success. We could create an atmosphere where many onlookers blessed the couple and our male client made his proposal amid loud applause. I thought our three months of hard preparation were rewarded. I felt really satisfied that I could share the special time with the couple who looked so happy.

朝長 演技を終えたあと、満面の笑みでありがとうと言われたとき、幸せな気持ちになります。先日、プロポーズの依頼があったのですが、演技が始まった当初、プロポーズされる女性は驚くばかりで、楽しむ余裕はないようでしたが、中盤になると表情が徐々にほぐれ、笑顔になりました。通りがかりの人々も交じって依頼者のカップルを祝福するムードが辺りに広がり、依頼者の男性がプロポーズをして拍手喝さいの中、演技は終わりました。3カ月間の苦労が報われたという思いと、何よりも幸せそうな2人の特別な時間に立ち会えた感動で満足感を味わうことができました。