Chuo University Soccer Club battles for promotion

Manager Tezuka, Captain Hashimoto tell Hakumon Herald



 This year’s league competition of the Kanto University Football Association (JUFA-Kanto) is now at its final stage. In particular, the Chuo University Soccer Club, relegated to the second division in 2015, is at a crucial stage of its promotion to the first division. Hakumon Herald interviewed Club Manager Satoshi Tezuka and Captain Ryoma Hashimoto, a fourth grader of the Faculty of Economics, about how they are going to play their remaining matches and how they are addressing their challenges.




-What is your impression of your team’s performances so far this year?


Tezuka: Our performances have been unstable in the autumn since late in September than in the spring. We could win many of our matches in the spring although we were in poorer conditions. We could score goals although we had fewer chances. However, we have been unable to score goals even when we had chances in the autumn. Conversely, we have often allowed our opponents to score goals in the few remaining minutes of each match.


Hashimoto: In the spring, we could endure our opponents’ offensives and finally make goals by launching side attacks. We could turn back the spring season in the top place because we were solid on both defense and offense. We haven’t played poorly in the autumn. But as Mr. Tezuka pointed out, we have often conceded goals in the remaining minutes of the second half, in particular, in the last 10 minutes.




手塚監督 9月下旬からの秋季の試合は、春季の試合に比べて不安定な状態です。春季の試合では、悪い流れの中でも勝ち切れていましたし、少ないチャンスの中でも得点を挙げることができていました。しかし、秋季に入ってからの試合はチャンスがあっても得点を決められず、残り少ない時間に相手に得点を挙げられてしまっています。


橋本主将 春季は、相手攻撃に耐えて、サイドから攻撃を仕掛け、最終的に得点をとれていました。守備と攻撃がしっかりとできていたので、春季はリーグ1位で折り返すことができました。秋季の試合はゲーム内容としては悪いものではないのですが、監督もおっしゃるように残り少ない時間、特に残り10分で失点してしまっています。