Events held to deepen international exchanges

Birthday party at Tamadaira residence



Chuo University has one of its two International Residences for students at Tamadaira in Tokyo’s Hino. At present, about 60 foreign and Japanese students live together there. They hold various events to deepen their mutual understanding. One of them is a birthday party they have once a month.


Students enjoy their Christmas party at Tamadaira international residence.
Students enjoy their Christmas party at Tamadaira international residence.

Such parties are organized monthly during the summer term from April to July and the fall term from September to January to celebrate all students who reach their birthday each month. Preparations used to be made mostly by Japanese students. But they began to be joined by foreign students in the fall term this year. Riku Kurosaka, a Faculty of Policy Studies second grader, explained, “Some foreign students have offered to help us in the preparations. Besides, we thought we can have better cross-cultural exchanges by cooking different national foods together.”

For example, when the students had a birthday party in November, they cooked traditional spring rolls with the help of their colleagues from Vietnam. They usually enjoy not just meals but also some entertainment as well. They often play a game in which they guess who it is after looking at someone’s childhood picture and charades in which a Japanese student teams up with a foreign student. Kurosaka said such games really help warm up the parties.

A birthday party was an event initially planned and launched two years ago by Kengo Osawa, a Faculty of Commerce third grader, who was then dormitory leader. Its main purpose was for all student residents to join hands to celebrate a colleague’s birthday. Osawa mentioned what he called a secondary effect of such party. He said, “Students have their own styles to celebrate birthdays in their countries. So our party gives us a very good opportunity to promote contacts between different cultures.”




Residents enjoying the party.
Residents enjoying the party.

The party is quite popular because it can be joined even by students who are usually too busy attending classes or doing a part-time job to communicate with each other. Ling-wei Li, 26, from Taiwan, said, “Birthday party is my favorite event because it helps me find something quite unexpected of my colleagues through the games and cooking preparations.” The Tamadaira residence had its December party on Christmas Day.


(Written by: Kohei Kuramoto)(倉本康平)