Spreading accurate knowledge of sushi to the world



Sushi, one of traditional Japanese cuisines, is now increasingly popular across the world. One estimate says there are approximately 50,000 sushi restaurants outside Japan, many of them in North America and the rest of Asia. However, the proverb says, “Coats change with countries”. As the “California roll” invented in Los Angeles indicates, there are many different ways to make sushi around the world. Also, as sushi uses raw fish and shellfish as toppings, it can pose some sanitary problems. At one point in the past, sushi chefs in the United States were reportedly required to wear gloves when cooking sushi.



The All Japan Sushi Association, headquartered in Chiba, east of Tokyo, has been active in spreading accurate knowledge of sushi to the world. The association, authorized by the Ministry of Health, Labor & Welfare, has set up the World Sushi Skills Institute to carry out various activities with the aim of keeping people who work at sushi shops both at home and abroad better informed of knowledge about hygiene problems and cooking skills.



One of its activities is to certify sushi chefs and people who get engaged in the export of related food materials and equipment. The institute organizes workshops and confers its “Sushi Advisor Certificate” on those who have passed its exams. Since sponsoring the first session in Singapore in January 2010, it has held ones in Japan, Australia, Europe, North America and Russia. The institute has launched its certificate system because countries that have no raw foodism culture cannot theoretically prove the safety of sushi, making people feel uneasy about its possible sanitary implications. It thought the certificate may help wipe out such uneasiness.



Another activity is the World Sushi Cup it has been sponsoring annually since 2013. This competition is for sushi chefs to vie with each other in knowledge and skills to handle raw fish in Japan, the birthplace of sushi. By taking part in the contest, they can hope to improve their skills and enhance their understanding of the sushi culture. The last contest took place at Tokyo Big Sight in Tokyo’s Koto Ward in August 2016. Let us hope that the institute will continue its activities to make sushi more popular.

(Written by: Chika Sato)

国際すし知識認証協会のもう1つの活動は、2013年から日本で毎年開催している「WORLD SUSHI CUP」(世界すし大会)。生魚の衛生知識面と、さばきや盛り付けなどの技術面の両方を兼ねそろえた世界中の寿司職人が、寿司発祥の地日本で技を競い合う大会で、参加者は技術の向上のみならず正しい寿司文化も理解できる。2016年の大会は8月に東京都江東区の東京ビッグサイトで開催された。今後も国際すし知識認証協会の活動に期待したい。