Ten contestants named for this year’s “Miss & Mister Chuo” pageant



Candidates for“Miss and Mister Chuo”pageant pose for a photo on the stage.
Candidates for“Miss and Mister Chuo”pageant pose for a photo on the stage.

  Five female and as many male students, qualified to contest in this year’s “Miss and Mister Chuo” pageant, made their debut at a ceremony on July 11. More than 200 audiences packed a small room at C Square of the Tama campus where the event took place during the lunch break. Many of them had to watch it standing.


  All lights in the room were turned off suddenly when introduction of the candidates began. Video footage was reproduced on a large screen and loud music played as each of the contestants walked onto the stage. They were greeted with cheers and applause each time they struck a pose on a specially arranged runway. Each of them made a brief speech, explaining why they decided to participate in the pageant and how they will spend their time in the run-up to the event in November. One of the candidates, Mari Matsui, a third grader of the Faculty of Law’s Department of Law, told the audiences, “I applied for the contest after being charmed by my elder sister who took part in last year’s event.” She added, “I will aim for the grand prix which my sister couldn’t get.”


  RP, the student organization that manages the pageant, introduced the theme of this year’s contest: “Self image: change yourself and be attractive”. Kentaro Murata, the leader of the organization (a third grader of the Faculty of Economics), told Hakumon Herald, “We have chosen the theme because we want the contestants to be positive about presenting their personality. It embodies both our wish and hope.”

 今年のテーマは「魅せるわたし、変わるわたし~Self Image~」。コンテストを企画運営する学生団体RPの代表、村田健太郎さん(経済学部3年)は「テーマは候補者に自分らしさを発揮することにポジティブになってほしい、という私たちの思いが込められています」と話した。

The contest is scheduled for November 4, the third day of Chuo’s annual school festival. RP said it is planning some gimmicks including projection mapping (projection of CG visual contents on buildings and open spaces) to make the event more enjoyable.


本番は学園祭開始から3日目の11月4日だ。今年はプロジェクションマッピング(建物や空間にCG映像を投影する演出)による演出など、ミス・ミスターコンを盛り上げる工夫がされるそうだ。(Written by Hideki Kato)(加藤英樹)