Reading social trends from buzzwords of the year


  Four nominations won the grand prix in the annual year-end "U-CAN new words/buzzwords of the year contest 2013" on December 2. The winners were: “baigaeshi (hitting back twice as much)”, the clincher uttered by Naoki Hanzawa in the TBS television drama, “imadesho! (it’s now or never)”, a set phrase used by cram-school instructor Osamu Hayashi, “jejeje (an expression of astonishment)” used by the heroine of NHK’s television soap “Amachan”, and “O Mo Te Na Shi (hospitality)”, the word Ms. Christel Takigawa chose in her presentation inviting the 2020 Olympic Games to Tokyo. The contest was the 30th in 2013 and it was the first time the grand prix had been awarded to as many as four entries. Buzzwords obviously mirror the society. Hakumon Herald tries to read Japan’s social trends by reviewing the four winners.




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