Meaning of student newspapers in Internet age 〜インターネット時代の学生新聞の意義〜


  The Internet has infiltrated into society with the spread of personal computers and smart phones, allowing people to get information anytime, anywhere. A mountain of information rich in variety is available on-line. And it is mostly charge-free. No wonder fee-based newspapers less quick to deliver information continue suffering setbacks in terms of circulation. Do they see their presence eroded that way? The ongoing situation poses a question for newspapers published at universities across the country. How should they be?




Newspapers sure to have added value /情報過多の時代だからこそ価値増す新聞

  Readers may have heard of "Curation". In the IT business, the term means the act of collecting and sorting digital information. Curators gather, summarize, classify and interrelate information to give it new values. They do so based on their own judgment. Curated information is getting increasingly popular arguably because “it contains few unnecessary things” or “it has a better sense” as compared with the conventional programmed search services where information is automatically collected.




  Right now, printed newspapers are under pressure from the quickness and bountifulness of news and information available on the Internet. However, they will add to their presence and value going forward by playing the role of a curator. Why? Because more often than not they carry articles and other information collected by professional journalists who can check their authenticity and judge their value. The role of the newspaper that judges the value of information will grow stronger all the more because this world brims with all sorts of information.




Student newspaper as curator / キュレーターとしての学生新聞

  What can be the existence value of student newspapers? Unlike general newspapers, they are produced by students who lack knowledge and experience of professional journalism. However, campus newspapers may have as much as or even greater existence value as curators than general newspapers. That is because students collect, evaluate, sort out and summarize information, based on their own sensitivity different from that of professional journalists. That way the articles they write may contain values other than news hook. Moreover, student cultures and behaviors are greatly influenced by the prevailing social backgrounds. As time goes on, one may be able to review and consider those backgrounds from the past information about students. In other words, campus journals may probably be historically meaningful. Another charming point about them may be that their articles are written by students who are freer than professional journalists.




Campus papers bring up students /学生を育てる場としての学生新聞

  Not all of those engaged in campus papers are aiming to become journalists. However, a wide variety of students do journalistic work from searching for topics to write about to editing. That is, they work as curators both at individual and organizational levels. To make their papers enjoyable for the readers, they also need to pay their attention to various other matters such as composition, layout and publicity. These experiences undoubtedly help students grow up. Campus journals have their own existence value in this respect, too.




Written By: Kento Isogai