Z'GOK Tofu


Z'GOK Tofu May Give You GUNDAM Taste


   In Japan, new products are often developed in collaboration with popular animation characters. "Z'GOK Tofu" is the latest addition produced in the motif of the character of "Mobile Suit GUNDAM.”

 Z'GOK is one of the "mobile suits," the arms featured in the story. It is a layered amphibious suit that gained much popularity in the "Mobile Suit GUNDAM," "Mobile Suit GUNDAM ZZ." and "Mobile Suit GUNDAM UC" series.


 Offered specifically for use in nabe, a one-pot dish often cooked on the table, this tofu is a unique product that combines a traditional Japanese food with an anime character. Coming as it does in a small 170-gram size, it is exactly fit for a college student who lives alone.

 Z'GOK tofu is meticulous in some ways. For example, its head section is tilted 25.9 degrees, the derivation of the character’s name Z'GOK. The product also comes with a fork that looks like a claw, which is one of the character’s arms. Not every purchaser can get the fork. But even when you are not a GUNDAM fan, you can get your imaginative ideas driven in such a way as substituting a crab claw or a leek for it. It is indeed a unique and interesting ingredient. Yet you may feel weird to see it in your pot, being tricked into thinking that it is going to eat you up instead of you are going to eat it.


 This is actually the second GUNDAM-tofu collaboration, the first being the one that featured another character "Zaku."


 Z'GOK tofu is available at grocery shops mainly in the Kanto region. Why don’t you try one? You may simultaneously taste the smoothness of tofu and the thrill of a pilot of the Dion dukedom army.



Written by: Kazumasa Kawamura