Chuo’s International Residence    

Nurturing cosmopolitan sense through interchanges with foreign students

A look at the value of Chuo University’s International Residence system



Colleges in Japan have a system of “studying abroad in a dormitory”. They run dormitories to provide opportunities for foreign and Japanese students to live together and interact with each other to improve language skills and deepen international understanding. Chuo University also has what it calls “International Residences” at two locations, Tamadaira in Hino and Ichinomiya in Tama, both in western Tokyo. It operates them in line with its program to foster global persons. The Tamadaira residence was built in 2011 and the Seiseki-Sakuragaoka residence, as the latter is called, was opened in April 2012. Hakumon Herald presents articles featuring Chuo’s International Residence system with priority on its purposes and track records. (Editors)