Twinkle Notes


Twinke Note
Kyuta Hunayama playing electronic organ. (Picture by Tomomi Kubota)

A Club of Electronic Organ Lovers


   Do you know of a musical instrument called electronic organ? Some may know it only by name. But there may be few who have actually listened to its sound. Chuo University has a club made up of students who love and play the instrument. They call their club “Twinkle Notes.”


 A senior first moved to organize the club in 2011 at the suggestion by similar clubs in other universities that Chuo also have one. It was in April 2011 that Twinkle Notes came into being.


 Being a fledgling club, its members spend much of their time promoting mutual understanding and friendship. They dine together once every two weeks and practice the electronic organ either on an individual basis or in a group of two or three. When their concert draws near, they practice once or twice a week.


 The club is now recruiting new members, who can be students not only from Chuo but other universities as well. One of its incumbent members is from Meiji University.


 Hakumon Herald asked Kyuta Hunayama, deputy representative of the club, about the charm of the electronic organ. “One of its charms,” he replied, “is that the electronic organ can produce various different tone colors while other musical instruments can only produce their own single tone. This enables you to play music of various tones by yourself. Since there are few people who can play the electronic organ, we can readily make friends with anyone who plays it.” He added, “Using feet on top of hands in playing the instrument is another charm.”


 Twinkle Notes is scheduled to stage its concert at Electone City in Shibuya on September 12. It also plans to give a concert at Chuo’s Hakumon Festival in November. Hunayama said: “I want many people to get acquainted with the electronic organ.”


 Dear readers, why not get in touch with the charms of the electronic organ?



Written by: Tomomi Kubota