Interview: Shiori Sugiyama, Miss Chuo2014



  Ms. Shiori Sugiyama, a third grader at the Public and Environmental Economics Department, the Faculty of Economics, won the crown at 2014 Miss Chuo Contest last November, an annual event to choose the most beautiful girl in Chuo University. She devoted herself to the contest while keeping her busy regularly attending her seminar and addressing the tasks given by the company where she was interning. Hakumon Herald tried to close up the real face of Ms Sugiyama who is gifted with both brains and beauty.


Following her friend



-Why did you decide to enter the contest?

Sugiyama: Yuka Nishizawa (a third grader at the same department), a friend of mine in the same club, won the title in the contest in 2013. Her success motivated me most of all. I saw Yuka grow up a great deal through the contest. That made me wish to take part in the contest and share her experience.


杉山 同じサークルに所属している西澤由夏さん(経済学部公共環境学科3年)が2013年度のミス中央に選ばれた影響がいちばん一番大きいです。ミスコンを通して大きく成長した友の姿を見て、私もいつか出場し、彼女と同じ経験をしたいと思うようになりました。


-Exactly what drove you to the idea?

Sugiyama: Before I decided to enter Miss Chuo Contest, I had no confidence at all and I always cared about what others think about me. I tried internships to change myself, but that didn’t work well. I was just fretting about every day. One day, a senior in my club advised me to challenge the contest. Yuka also gave me a push and I made up my mind. I was not confident at the beginning, but I thought I shouldn’t miss a precious chance that may perhaps help me change myself.


杉山 当時の私は自分に自信が持てず、周りの目を気にしがちでした。そんな自分を克服するためにインターンシップなどに挑戦していましたが、なかなかうまくいかず、思い悩んでいました。悶々とした日々を過ごすなか、たまたま同時期に参加者を募集していたミスコンに参加することをサークルの先輩に薦められました。自信はなかったけれど、西澤さんの後押しもあり、自分を変えられるかもしれない貴重なチャンスを逃すまいと、出場を決意しました。

-So you tried to overcome your weakness by having more chances to meet people, did you?

Sugiyama: Yes, that’s what I had thought. I worked very hard especially during the six months of my preparation. I told myself now that I decided to compete in the contest, I must win by all means. In the end, I had my dream come true and I could overcome my weakness of self-consciousness. Looking back, I can say that my decision was not wrong.


  杉山 はい。ただ、やるからには一番を目指そうと、期間中の半年間はとても努力しました。最終的にミス中央の座を手に入れ、周りの目を気にしすぎてしまう自分の弱点も克服できました。あの時の決断は間違っていなかったと、今では自信を持って言えます。

Making use of repentance



-Did you discover anything new through the contest?

Sugiyama: While I devoted myself to the contest, I spent busy days for half a year. I had a lot of things to do like study, internship and club activity. I realized that I had become sort of self-centered in seeing things around me just because of my busyness. I repented for having made little of my feeling of gratitude for the people who had supported me in many ways.


杉山 ミスコンに専念しつつも勉強、インターンシップそしてサークル活動に追われ、半年間とても忙しい日々を過ごしていました。忙しさがゆえに自分中心に物事を捉えてしまうようになり、支えてくれる人々への感謝をないがしろにしてしまったことは反省しています。


-So, you’re the type who gets too much preoccupied to look around, right?

Sugiyama: Yes, I think I am. During the period of the contest, I was flattered by people around me. One day, a friend of mine chided me for my selfish attitude. She reminded me of the importance of cooling down and having a bird's-eye view of things around me. All thanks to my friend, I could get back to basics. I have since been spending my time in a more meaningful way than before. I am now deeply grateful to all people for having helped me grow up.


杉山 はい、その通りだと思います(笑)。周りからチヤホヤされる中、ただ一人身勝手な私の態度を叱り、どんなに忙しくても一旦冷静になり、物事を俯瞰することの大切さを気づかせてくれた友人がいました。その人のおかげで初心に立ち返ることができ、その後の活動では今まで以上に有意義な時間を過ごすことができました。私をここまで成長させてくれた、すべての人に感謝しています。

-By the way, many girls who took part in the past contests aspired to become a TV announcer. What kind of career do you have in your mind?

Sugiyama: When I entered the contest, I was interested in taking a job as an announcer or working in the media business, which is one of popular professions. But now I want to land a job in which I can be of help to other people. Through my internship and other extracurricular activities, I have realized that what I really want to do is a job that only I can do and that makes people happy. I’d like to find such a job.


杉山 ミスコン参加当初は花形のアナウンサーやマスコミ業界に興味があったのですが、今はもっぱら人々の役に立つことで働きたいと思っています。インターンシップや他の課外活動を通し「私にしかできないことで誰かを幸せにする仕事」こそ、私が本当にやりたいことなのだと気付いたので、そのような仕事ができたらよいと思っています。

Challenges are important



-Finally, can you give some words to freshmen?

Sugiyama: I want them to challenge to do anything they are interested in with no hesitation. They have a lot of opportunities that may help them grow up. I want them to be thankful to others, not to waste their time and spend a fruitful campus life. And finally, they shouldn’t forget to enjoy themselves!


 杉山 はじめから無理だと思わず、興味、関心があるものには果敢にチャレンジしていってください。成長の機会はそこら中に転がっています。感謝を忘れず、一日一日を大切に過ごし、実りある大学生活を送ってください。最後に、たくさん遊ぶことも忘れずに!(笑)


-Thank you.

 -ありがとうございました(Interviewed: by Hideki Kato, English article written by Mikako Akai)