Non Harassment Project


Non Harassment Project
Non Harassment Project members (Picture by Tomomi Kubota)
The Image of Harassment Prevention Campaign
   This student club came into being in October 2008. It all started when one Chuo student volunteered to cooperate in a harassment prevention and awareness campaign. Upon its launch, it had only a couple of member students who worked in collaboration with the staff at the school’s Harassment Prevention Office. Now, it has four female and as many male members.
 As one of its main activities, NON HARASSMENT PROJECT works hand in hand with the school authority in promoting the all-campus harassment prevention campaign. Last year, it presented what it called a “forum theater on date domestic violence and sexual minority,” where members first staged a play and then invited audiences to join them to improve the play. It also organized an exhibition on harassment at the library of Chuo’s Tama campus. In addition, it took part in the “Tokyo Women’s Plaza Forum” and presented a similar forum theater there. Part of its activities was acknowledged by the government and arrangements were made for the club members to pay a call on Renho, then Minister of State for Gender Equality.


 As part of their routine activities, the club members are engaged in the production of DVDs on harassment prevention and awareness. They think they can enlighten Chuo students about actual cases of campus harassment from their own viewpoint.


 The club is run in a liberal and flexible way. Members decide what they can and should do through free discussion. Hakumon Herald asked them how they promote their club activity. “We hope to improve the image of the harassment prevention movement. We'd like to tell (people around us) our activity is aimed for some positive things such as making the campus environment brighter rather than for negative things such as prohibiting or clamping down on something," replied one of the members.


 Members are now busy preparing for an exhibition on academic harassment to be held at the library and a performance to be given at the Center Stage in a tie-up with other clubs on October 15-19. They also plan to organize a panel discussion at C Square in the fourth period on October 15.


 The club welcomes new members irrespective of grade or gender. You don’t need to have any good knowledge of harassment. Why don’t you join some of the events in October to deepen your understanding of harassment?
Written by: Tomomi Kubota