Professors of Chuo University

How does future Chuo look like?

Takehisa Fukazawa, Chuo's Chief Executive Regent and Chair of the Board of Regents. 


Hakumon Herald interviewed Takehisa Hukazawa, Chuo's Chief Executive Regent and Chair of the Board of Regents, appointed it in May 2014. Mr. Hukazawa, who graduated from Chuo University’s Fuculty of  Law in 1957. He has been designated the president of Tokyo Bar Association and the vice-president of Japan Federation of Bar Associations in 1992, the judge of the Supreme court in 2000 and nominated Grand Cordon of the Order of the Rising Sun in 2005. For the bright career pass played an active role as a pivotal figure on the legal bar in Japan, many see him expectant eyes. He answered our question and revealed matters ...(read more)

Prof. Izumikawa reviews world politics in 2014

The year 2014 saw the outbreak of diverse incidents seriously affect the international politics. Outstanding among them were Russia’s annexation of Crimea and the deteriorated situation in Iraq and neighboring countries. How should Japan behave to assume a bigger role in the global community in the years ahead? Hakumon Herald interviewed Prof. Yasuhiro Izumikawa of Chuo University’s Faculty of Policy Studies to ask about his views. He specializes in international relations and U.S. politics.

2014年。ロシアによるクリミア併合、イラク情勢の悪化など国際政治を左右する様々な出来事が起きた。国際社会での役割が大きくなる日本は今後どう行動していけばよいのか。国際関係論、米国政治が専門の泉川康博・中央大学総合政策学部教授に話を聞いた。(Read more...)

Egawa says in an interview with Hakumon Herald


TPP has negative impact on Japanese agriculture


The Abe administration has been pushing negotiations for the Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement (TPP) as a part of its growth strategies. Despite its intensive diplomatic efforts, however, the hard talks have not made much progress, with the conclusion put off until 2015. The contents of TPP are rarely divulged to the general public as they are kept strictly secret. Hakumon Herald singled out agriculture from the 21 fields addressed in the negotiations and interviewed Akira Egawa, an associate professor of Chuo University’s Faculty of  Economics, to ask how TPP might affect the Japanese agriculture. (read more...)

Chuo aims to step up information sharing New Pres. Sakai and Vice Pres. Takeishi tell students


Universities and colleges across Japan face a severe environment today. Chuo University is no exception. In the case of Chuo, prob­lems involve not only external factors such as the falling deviation values for its faculties and a drop in the number of applicants sitting for its entrance exams but also internal factors such as poor inter­personal relations among students as well as thin communications between students and alumni. Ha­kumon Herald interviewed Shozaburo Sakai, professor of the Faculty of Commerce who became chancellor and president in November 2014, and Chikako Takeishi, professor of the same faculty who became vice president, to ask them how they are going to lead Chuo in such difficult situation. Prof. Sakai had served as dean of the Fac­ulty of Commerce (in 2003) and a member of the Board of Directors (in 2005) be­fore assuming the post vacated by Prof. Tadahiko Fukuhara. Prof. Takeishi, who obtained her Ph.D. from Harvard University, joined Chuo in 2013. She concurrently serves as director of the Chuo Interna­tional Center.(Read more)

Turn your knowledge into action Pres. Fukuhara tells students


Chuo University is pressing ahead with a project, “Go Global; To the World from Chuo”. It is aimed at fostering individuals who can contribute to global society. It groups them into three types: global generalists, global leaders and global specialists. From different approaches, it seeks to send out persons who can play an active role in the globalized international community. Hakumon Herald interviewed Tadahiko Fukuhara, president of Chuo University, who spearheads this initiative. Since assuming office in 2011, he has been busy performing various duties both inside and outside the school. He did give his interview just hours before leaving for Honolulu to attend the opening ceremony of the school’s pacific office at Hawaii University, its first facility outside Japan. (Read More)

What’s “Global” for you? -Throuth the Globalization of Chuo- with Professor Stephen Hesse


Chuo University is pushing ahead with its globalization under a “Project for Promotion of Global Human Resource Development” launched with the support from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, and Technology (MEXT). A new “G Square” run by the school’s International Center was opened at the Tama Campus this spring as part of this project. HH interviewed Professor Stephen Hesse of the Law Faculty, who is Associate Director of the center, to ask about the aim of the project.  (Read More)