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“Want to be a cabin attendant,” says Miss Chuo

夢はCAとアナウンサー ミス、準ミス中央にインタビュー



Miss Chuo pageant 2015, the annual event sponsored by student group RP (Re-Produce), was held during the school’s Hakumon Festival at the Tama campus on October 31. Five finalists nominated in July from among many candidates had been engaged in various activities during the four months running up to the contest. Marino Itabashi (a third-grader at the Faculty of Letters) won the crown and Naruse Yuasa (a third-grader at the Faculty of Economics) was named the runner-up. Hakumon Herald interviewed the two beauties soon after the contest.


10月31日,今年も例年同様、中央大学白門祭で学生団体RPRe-Produce)主催のミスター・アンド・ミス中央コンテストが開催された。多くのミス候補の中から5人のファイナリストが7月に選出され、コンテストまでの4カ月間にさまざまな活動を行ってきた。その中から栄えあるミス中央に選ばれたのは3年文学部の板橋茉梨乃さん。3年経済学部の湯浅なるせさんは準ミスに輝いた。コンテストの直後、興奮冷めやらぬ2人に話を聞いた。(Read more)

Fukuda tells of ambitions, confidence in rookie year


Chuo University outfielder Masayoshi Fukuda (graduating from the Faculty of Commerce in March), kicks off his career as a professional baseball player this spring. He signed with the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles after being picked in the third round of the Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB) draft last October. Hakumon Herald interviewed him about his decision to become a pro, an inside story about his draft and memories of his college life.

東北楽天イーグルスから3位で指名を受け、今年からプロ野球選手としての歩みを始める福田将儀(ふくだ・まさよし、中央大学商学部2015年卒)選手にプロ入りまでの道のりから指名の裏話、大学生活など様々な視点からインタビューを行った。(read more)

Chuo’s Garnet Girls win world title


Garnet Girls (GG), a song leading club of Chuo University, won the gold medal in the Team Cheer Pom division at the World University Cheerleading Championship (WUCC) held at Walt Disney World Resort in California in January. Hakumon Herald interviewed group leader Moe Shiiki (a second grader at the Law Department, the Faculty of Law) who has just returned home.

中央大学のソングリーディング・サークル、ガーネットガールズ(GG)が今年1月、米国で開催された世界大学チアーリーディング選手権(WUCC)のソングリーディング・ポン部門で、見事世界一に輝いた。(Read more...)

Interview: Shiori Sugiyama, Miss Chuo2014



  Ms. Shiori Sugiyama, a third grader at the Public and Environmental Economics Department, the Faculty of Economics, won the crown at 2014 Miss Chuo Contest last November, an annual event to choose the most beautiful girl in Chuo University. She devoted herself to the contest while keeping her busy regularly attending her seminar and addressing the tasks given by the company where she was interning. Hakumon Herald tried to close up the real face of Ms Sugiyama who is gifted with both brains and beauty.

 昨年11月、中央大学一の美女を決める2014年度ミス・コンテストで、杉山史織さん(経済学部公共環境学科3年)が栄誉に輝いた。自身の所属するゼミでの日々の活動やインターンシップ先の課題に追われる忙しい日々を送りながら、ミスコンの活動に熱心に取り組んだ。まさに才色兼備の杉山さんの素顔に迫った。(Read more)

Shimabukuro aspires to go higher


  Yosuke Shimabukuro, a Chuo University southpaw (fourth grader at the Business Administration Department, the Faculty of Commerce), signed a formal contract with the Fukuoka Softbank Hawks after being picked in the fifth round of the Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB) draft on October 23. Hakumon Herald interviewed him to ask what he thinks now and how he images his future as a pro player.


  去る10月23日に行われたプロ野球ドラフト会議で、中央大学の島袋洋奨(しまぶくろ・ようすけ、商学部経営学科4年)投手が福岡ソフトバンクホークスから5位指名を受け、球団と正式に契約を交わした。ついにプロ野球選手としての道を歩み始めた島袋選手が今、何を思い、どのような未来を描いているのか、その心境を聞いた.(Read more...)


Make mecca of Japanese rugby jam-packed  


 Japan will become the first Asian country to host the 9th Rugby World Cup in 2019 following the decision made by the International Rugby Board (IRB) in July 2009. Rugby World Cup is claimed to be one of the world’s top three sports festivals along with the Soccer World Cup and the Olympics. It has been rapidly gaining popularity over the past years. The previous Rugby World Cup held in New Zealand in 2011 drew 1.4 million people to watch the matches played at 12 stadiums from Sept. 9 to Oct. 23. TV watchers numbered 3.9 billion in 207 countries across the world. In June this year, IRB ranked the Japan national team 10th in the world, the highest slot for Japan in its rugby history. The sport draws growing attention in Japan as the country prepares for Rugby World Cup 2019.(Read more)

Aiming at first pennant in decade, and aspiring to be a pro player


  The Tohto University Baseball League is one of topnotch student leagues in Japan. It has four divisions, each of which has a promotion/demotion series after the regular season. Because of the cutthroat competition, it is often dubbed “Sengoku Tohto”, literally meaning a league of warring states. The Chuo University baseball team is a celebrity that won the championship 24 times since the league’s inauguration in 1931. But it remained lackluster for the last ten years since the autumn of 2004. Yosuke Shimabukuro, a fourth grader at the Business Administration Department, the Faculty of Commerce, became captain this season to lead his team to a league pennant. He graduated from Konan Senior High School in Okinawa Prefecture.   (Read More)

Miss Chuo Nishizawa aspires to be announcer


  Beauty contests at universities have taken firm root across Japan in recent years. At topnotch universities in Tokyo, such contest is so popular today that it is seen as one of crucial events that provide the gateway to success for female announcers. Ms. Yuka Nishizawa, a second grader at the Public and Environmental Economics Department, the Faculty of Economics, who won the crown at Miss Chuo Contest 2013, also wants to be an announcer upon graduation. She was the first Chuo student who became one of the top 10 finalists at the "Miss of Misses Contest 2013" in which the contest winners from all universities across Japan took part... (Read More)

ESS, Hakumon Herald chairmen talk on charm and pleasure of learning English


  Chuo University’s English Speaking Society (ESS), with a history of 110 years, has friendly ties with similar clubs at more than 60 universities in the Kanto region. In contrast, Hakumon Herald published by Chuo’s English Newspaper Association once ceased to exist but has undergone a rapid growth since being revived a year and a half ago. In this specially arranged dialogue, the chairmen of the two English language-related clubs, Okuto Suzuki of ESS and Kento Isogai of Hakumon Herald, try to tell newcomers to Chuo University about the charm and pleasure of learning English. (Read More)

Chuo’s ESS boasts a history of 110 years


A play titled “Charlie Bartlett” was performed by members of Chuo University’s English Speaking Society (ESS) at the school’s Tama Campus on November 23, 2013. Many alumni, friends and family members, both young and old, filled a hall at C Square to watch their performance...  (Read More)

Garnet Girls, Song Leading Club


   Do you know that Chuo University has a world-class student club? That’s “Garnet Girls”, a song leading club made up of 27 girls. Despite its short history (it was actually founded in 2008), it has already been quite successful. In fact, its team won the All-Japan Championships and placed sixth in the World Championships. The track records tell how formidable the girls are. Their performances, full of elegance, power and uniformity, give strong impressions to the audience. Two Hakumon Herald reporters watched  (Read More)

Cheerleading Club "SPIRITS"


   Few people seem to know precisely what cheerleading is. It is actually a competitive sport in which athletes vie for better performances in physical expression to attract and impress the audiences. Their performances are judged by... (Read More)

Japan-Korea Student Conference


   The relations between Japan and the Republic of Korea stay soured at the moment in the height of a territorial dispute over an uninhabited islet in the Sea of Japan (called the East Sea in Korea). Before the issue... (Read More)

Non Harassment Project


   This student club came into being in October 2008. It all started when one Chuo student volunteered to cooperate in a harassment prevention and awareness campaign. Upon its launch, it had only a couple of member students who worked... (Read More)

Twinkle Notes


   Do you know of a musical instrument called electronic organ? Some may know it only by name. But there may be few who have actually listened to its sound. Chuo University has a club made up of students who love and play... (Read More)