For Readers -読者の方へ-



Chuo University English Newspaper Association had been active for 40 years from 1956 before being disbanded in 2001 in the wake of the prolonged campus dispute. However, a group of volunteer Chuo students revived the association in 2012 with the help of its alumni and many other supporters.




Our members freely and independently interview persons, gather information and research topics to prepare for their articles. We have our Japanese articles checked and corrected by Munekatsu Teshima, a former editor with Jiji Press, and English articles by Susumu Hiyama, a former editor with Kyodo News, with a view to enhancing their quality. Both were members of the association before its disbandment. The articles are finally reviewed before publication by Stephen Hesse, a professor of Chuo University’s Faculty of Law and adviser of our association. We are convinced both the content and quality of our articles are good enough to meet your needs.




We will keep trying to provide you with articles both readable and hopefully inspiring to your interest in English. We ask for your continued help and support.