Chuo gathering brims with parental love 

いつの時代も変わらぬ子を思う親の気持ち ―中大父母連絡会父母懇談会(埼玉)開催―


  The Saitama chapter of the Chuo University Parents Liaison Association had a general meeting at a hotel in Saitama city, Saitama Prefecture, on August 2. After the meeting began with an address by Masae Miyazaki, head of the chapter, President Tadahiko Fukuhara and Yoshiaki Kubota, Managing Director of the Faculty of Science and Engineering, briefed the parents on the present situation of the school and student life by way of promoting communications with them.



  The Saitama chapter has the third-biggest membership among the association’s 54 branches across the country. Its meeting, attended by 477 parents, was preceded by an academic lecture by Shuya Nomura, professor of the Chuo Law School, titled“Considering the national strategic economic zone: Can it be a driving force for Japan’s revival?” It was cohosted by the university and the Saitama chapter (See a story under separate cover). A number of local residents and high school students were seen among the audience.



What is Parents Liaison Association? /中央大学父母連絡会とは

  The association was founded in 1983 as a permanent organization aimed to promote a regular exchange of information between the parents of Chuo students and the university. Parents were initially asked to join it on a voluntary basis. But as member parents actively organized regional chapters in subsequent years, their participation became virtually mandatory in 1988. Today, all the 54 chapters are engaged in various activities as a bridge connecting the university and parents. For example, the Saitama branch organizes, besides its annual general meeting, a wide variety of events such as an excursion to the school campus by parents, a forum on job hunting by students, watching of matches by Chuo’s track and field and boat clubs.




What motivates the parents to participate in the association? “I want to know more about the student life at Chuo” is their common reply. Others say, “I’m worried about job placement” or “I need advice about getting qualifications and studying abroad.” Many parents were seen putting such questions to professors and staff members of the school at the Saitama chapter meeting.



  Parental love of children remains unchanged all the time. The liaison association will help parents deepen their understanding of the university and make the campus life better for their children.



(Written By: Kento Isogai)