Congratulations to you on joining Chuo University! / 中央大学入学おめでとうございます!


Let us offer our hearty congratulations to all of newcomers to Chuo University. Hakumon Herald, the school’s sole English-language newspaper, has been keen to welcome you. Perhaps you have high expectations and a little bit anxiety about your future at Chuo, where you will face new experiences and make new friends. You may have a lot of things you’d like to know about Chuo. Here is a brief introduction of the school with focus on some of its alumni.




Chuo is reputed for Faculty of Law / 法科の中央

While more students distance themselves from study of law these days, many of you may perhaps identify Chuo University with its Faculty of Law. That is self-evident from the track records the school has built up in the past. Chuo generated 202 students who had passed the National Bar examination in 2012, the largest number among all universities in Japan. In 2013, it set back to fourth place by a narrow margin as compared with the top-ranking school. But there is no doubt Chuo remains a topnotch school as far as the bar exam is concerned. In fact, it had retained the top position uninterruptedly from 1951 to 1970. Many Chuo alumni were and are active in the legal circles. Among them is Tomoyuki Yokota, an incumbent Supreme Court justice. Many other Chuo graduates served as Supreme Court justices in the past. You may perhaps have heard of Hisashi Yoshida, who was featured in a TV drama “Kikotsu no Hanketsu” (a gritty ruling). Also one of Chuo alumni, he handed down an unconstitutional verdict on a House of Representatives election in Kagoshima Prefecture back in1942.



Chuo strong in practical sciences, too /実学の中央

Chuo has been traditionally strong not only in law but in practical sciences as well. In the annual Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam, it ranked third among all universities in Japan in 2012. Four sophomores passed the exam in 2013. In the same year, 163 alumni passed the General National Public Service exam, the third highest number. Supporting these good records are Chuo’s well-organized study facilities, curriculums and environments.




Many business leaders from Chuo /多くのリーダーも輩出

Chuo ranked 27th in the world and fifth in Japan in the rating of global institutions of higher learning published in September 2013 by the prestigious Times of London. The rating is based on the number of alumni who assume top posts at global companies. Chuo has indeed produced many top business leaders. They include Toshifumi Suzuki, chairman & CEO of Seven & i Holdings Co., Fujio Mitarai, chairman, president & CEO of Canon Inc., and Osamu Suzuki, chairman & CEO of Suzuki Motor Corp. Elsewhere, many Chuo alumni are active as politicians, journalists and professional athletes.




Pursue your dreams /夢に向かって頑張ろう!

  The world is becoming increasingly globalized. This inevitably requires Japan to have good relations with the rest of the world. Companies can hardly survive unless they globalize their business. On the other hand, foreign products and cultures keep flowing into Japan. All this means that English as a common world language serves as one of the important tools that helps you to be successful in the globalized era. Hakumon Herald, put out by the English Newspaper Association, is devoted to writing, editing and publishing articles. Its members learn English as a means to expand their future possibilities. Why don’t you learn, play and spend a pleasant campus life by joining Hakumon Herald whose members dream of becoming a lawyer, CPA and journalist?