Chuo’s Garnet Girls win world title



Garnet Girls (GG), a song leading club of Chuo University, won the gold medal in the Team Cheer Pom division at the World University Cheerleading Championship (WUCC) held at Walt Disney World Resort in California in January. Hakumon Herald interviewed group leader Moe Shiiki (a second grader at the Law Department, the Faculty of Law) who has just returned home.



-Let us offer you congratulations on your victory.

Shiiki: Thank you. It was a very enjoyable competition.


椎木 ありがとうございます。とても楽しい大会でした。


-How did you perform in the championship?

Shiiki: We joined the championship for the first time. As we had known nothing about it, we thought we should put up our own routine performance. We had practiced a lot with a motto we should enjoy dancing in the competition.


 椎木 今大会は初出場ということもあり、右も左もわからない状態だったので、自分達らしい演技をしようと、とにかく楽しむことをモットーに日々練習に取り組み、大会に臨みました。


-How did you feel when you won the championship?

Shiiki: We were excited not just because we won the championship but because we beat our rival team from Obirin University.


 椎木 優勝というよりも、ライバルの桜美林大学チームに勝てたことがすごく嬉しかったです。


-What kind of team is Obirin?

Shiiki: Well, it is much bigger than GG in terms of membership. Obirin’s members are very good in each skill like turn and I think stability is their strong weapon. They are also good in show of performance and are full of spirit as a team.


 椎木 そうですね、GGと比べ人数がとても多いです。ターンなど個々の技術が非常に優れていて、安定感のある演技が彼女たちの武器ですね。また、見せ方が非常に上手で、チーム全体に気迫があります。


-What do you think made you beat Obirin?

Shiiki: I think that’s perhaps our good teamwork. We have a lot of energy and vigor. We never lose our smile even during our daily practice. Our voice is quite forceful during our performance. We are dynamic as a team. I think our feeling of enjoying dancing in the competition impressed the jury.


 椎木 部員間の仲の良さですかね。私達には活気、元気があり、練習中も笑顔が絶えないです。声の出し方に張りがあり、チーム全体に力強さがあります。踊りを楽しむ気持ちが審査員に伝わったのだと思います。


-How were you greeted when you came back?

Shiiki: We got a lot of congratulations from our friends. We also had a word of praise from the school’s Student Club Association (Gakuyukai). Our club was admitted as a full member of the League of Physical Education Clubs.


椎木 友達に「おめでとう」という言葉をたくさんもらい、学友会の人からもお褒めの言葉をいただきました。体育同好会連盟にも認められました。

-That’s good news, isn’t it? What has changed now that you have become a member of the league?

Shiiki: First of all, we can get a rehearsal place and money with greater stability. Before that, we had to get our practice place by drawing of lots. When we failed, we had to change our practice schedule. We also had to chip in money to rent a facility outside the school. Now we don’t need to worry about those things. Also, our club can now pay the fee for our participation in a competition. We are so glad that we can now spend our part-time earnings quite freely.


 椎木 練習場所と資金が安定して確保できます。今までは体育館の場所取り抽選で外れたら練習日を変えたり、お金を出し合って学校外の施設を借りたりしていましたが、その必要がなくなりました。また、大会の参加費も部から出せるようになり、私達のバイト代は自由に使えるようになったのがなによりも嬉しいです(笑)

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