“Want to be a cabin attendant,” says Miss Chuo

夢はCAとアナウンサー ミス、準ミス中央にインタビュー


Miss Chuo pageant 2015, the annual event sponsored by student group RP (Re-Produce), was held during the school’s Hakumon Festival at the Tama campus on October 31. Five finalists nominated in July from among many candidates had been engaged in various activities during the four months running up to the contest. Marino Itabashi (a third-grader at the Faculty of Letters) won the crown and Naruse Yuasa (a third-grader at the Faculty of Economics) was named the runner-up. Hakumon Herald interviewed the two beauties soon after the contest.



-Congratulations to both of you! Tell us how you feel now.



Itabashi: Various activities I carried out in the past four months had made me a bit more confident. But I was not quite sure if I can come out with a good result. So. I was somewhat uneasy. I could win the contest thanks to the help of many people around me. I am only grateful to all of them.

板橋 この4カ月いろいろ活動してきて、皆さんのおかげで自信はついていったのですが、実際に結果を出せるか分からず、不安なところもありました。でも、今、実際に皆さんのおかげでミスになることができ、本当に感謝しかありません。


Yuasa: I didn’t think I could win a prize. I thought I may probably fail. So when my name was called, my heart beat fast as if it would jump out of my chest. Many of my friends came to see me and my parents travelled all the way to pep me up. I was so pleased. The outcome of the contest doesn’t seem real to me yet. But like Mario, I am full of gratitude.

湯浅 私は自分が(賞を)取れるなんて思っていなく、だめだなって思っていた気持ちもあったのですが、その中で名前を呼ばれて、本当に心臓が飛び出るくらいにびっくりしました。友達もたくさん来てくれ、親も遠いところからわざわざ来てくれて、本当に嬉しくて。実感はまだ湧かないのですが、茉梨乃(板橋さん)と同じく感謝でいっぱいです。

-What are your dreams?



 Itabashi: I want to be a cabin attendant.

板橋 私はキャビンアテンダントになりたいです。


 Yuasa: I want to become an announcer.

      湯浅 私はアナウンサーになることが夢です。

-Apart from taking part in the contest, is there anything you do to make your dream come true?


   Itabashi: I thought I should acquire English ability to become a cabin attendant. So I spent two years in Auckland, New Zealand, when I was a high school student. Now I study English literature at the Faculty of Letters to put myself in an environment where I can keep in touch with English.

板橋 私はCAになるために英語力をつけようと思い、高校生のときに2年間、ニュージーランドのオークランドに留学しました。このように英語に触れる環境で勉強ができるよう文学部で英文学を学んでいます。

 Yuasa: I attend an announcer training school. I do some news gathering activity there to improve my conversation skills, though I don’t do much these days. As part of my activities during the beauty contest, I also tried to act as an MC (master of ceremony). I am considering doing that sort of thing more aggressively.

湯浅 私はアナウンス・スクールに通っているのですが、話す力をつけるために取材活動をしています。最近はあまりやってないのですが。ミスコンの活動の中では、MCに挑戦してみました、そのようなことを積極的にやろうと思っています。


-You must be relieved now that the contest is over. Tell us about your future hopes and plans.



Itabashi: As all this has just happened to me, I have no specific plans right now. However, now that I have been named Miss Chuo, I will try to be upright in word and deed so that people around me will think that I deserve the nomination.

板橋 今決まったばかりのことで、特にこうしたいというのはないのですが、(ミス中央に)なったからには、皆からあの人がミス.になってよかったって思ってもらえるような言動を心がけたいと思います。

Yuasa: I will challenge everything that may bring me closer to my dream. I love watching sports, so I want to take up sports-related jobs assertively.

湯浅 私は夢につながることだったら何でもチャレンジしたいなって思います。スポーツを見るのが好きなので、その関係の仕事などがあれば積極的にやっていきたいなって思います。


-Thank you.

ありがとうございました。 (Interviewed by: Naoto Takeda)